Anna Akhmatova–Petersburg Poet

Anna Akhmatova, born Anna Andreevna Gorenko on 1889, is best known not only as a great Russian poet but as symbol of strength during Stalin’s oppressive rule.  She began to publish her works as a teenager, using the pen name “Akhmatova” in appreciation of her Tatar great-grandmother.

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Peter and Paul Fortress: Meanings of the Site

The founding of Peter and Paul Fortress on May 27, 1703 also commemorates the founding of St. Petersburg. Despite the unfavorable marsh conditions, it took only four months for 20,000 conscripts to build the fortress. Originally built with wood, it was later redone in stone under the influence of Domenico Trezzini.

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Sergei Volkonskii and Russian Intelligentsia Tradition

Sergei Volkonskii (1788-1865) was a member of a prominent and ancient Russian noble family with extremely strong ties to the Russian Imperial family. Volkonskii was one of Tsar Alexander I’s aides-de-camps and a childhood playmate of his successor, Nicholas I. [Read more…]